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Facebook has quickly revolutionized the way consumers interact with brands online. A strong social media presence is already a must for every business operating in today’s competitive market.  Posting creative and engaging content, results in more people knowing about the products or services you offer!

Facebook helped me reach my ideal clients and my sales increased by more than 20% in the first 3 months!

-Michael Dover

  • Users spend 20+ minutes on Facebook per day
  • Facebook receives 1 trillion page views per month
  • Facebook has “Super Bowl reach” on mobile every day
  • The average user spends close to 20 hours on the app each month
  • Over 90 million small businesses are already on Facebook

Facebook is a data monster! It keeps track of every action its users take on the platform. This allows businesses to benefit from literally endless options for finding and targeting their perfect customer, including demographics, behaviors, and interests!

Take a look at some more targeting options YOUR business can take advantage of:

  • Location
  • Education
  • Job Title
  • Financial status
  • Generation
  • Parental status
  • Languages
  • Connections to specific Facebook pages
  • Behaviors
  • Mobile device / OS used
How it helps
Brand Recognition

Let more people know YOU exist and get familiar with the products or services you offer

Brand Credibility

Buying online is all about building trust with your ideal customers. They will definitely trust you more if you have a professional looking and well maintained Facebook page

Competitive Edge

Stand out from your competitors by providing customers with engaging, creative and entertaining content they will enjoy seeing

Facebook Commerce

Don’t rely on in-store purchases only and take your business online with Facebook. Turn your local business into a global store

Here's what you get from Facebook

Regular Posting

Be consistent when it comes to your business. We post once every 3-days to ensure you stay in touch with your potential customers

Custom Content

Our team of experienced content writers creates custom content that helps you connect with your customers better

Custom Design

Our professional graphic designers create personalized images and videos that help you stand out from your competition and attract more customers

More Customers

We help you reach thousands of people on a monthly basis, hundreds of which will take action and give you a call or visit your store

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  • 47% of Americans say Facebook is their number 1 influencer of purchases
  • Facebook is the 3rd most used website in the world
  • Over 3 million businesses advertise actively on Facebook
  • 4 in 10 social media users have bought a product after “liking” or favorite on Facebook

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